The Empyrean

Real name: none, sometimes referred to as The Silver

Coordinates: unknown

Legal status: the existence of the Empyrean is barely even rumored among denizens of Earth.

Group affiliation: none

First appearance: (mentioned) Heroic Tales #14, (seen) Adventures of Exemplar #255

History: The Empyrean is a mysterious and mostly-inaccessible dimension that is believed by both scientists and sorcerers to be the source of vast and universe-changing cosmic power, while spiritualists aware of its existence contend that it is the final destination of departing souls. While nothing is known to actually exist in the Empyrean and nothing has ever returned from journeying there – probably blocked or destroyed by the mysterious hyperstructure known as the Impasse – it is believed that “gods,” multidimensional beings, advanced alien races, and other hyper-evolved organisms have learned to circumvent or penetrate the Impasse to tap some small measure of the Empyrean’s power for themselves.

The Empyrean

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