Real name: The Realm of Atlanton
Coordinates: much of what is now Europe, Asia and Africa as well as several sunken islands
Legal status: unknown to the general public, believed to be a myth
Group affiliation: Knights of the Round Table, Church of Set
First appearance: Astonishing Adventures #112
History:The ur-source of many of the world’s greatest legends and myths – including those of Atlantis, of Camelot and Avalon, of Tir na Nog and Hy Brasil and Mu – Atlanton was no mere sunken continent, but a powerful civilization that at its height tens of thousands of years ago rivaled that of 21st-century Earth. From scraps of archaeological evidence, from time-distorted legends and myth, and from invaluable clues brought to light by spirit-channelers and time-travelers, cryptohistorians are beginning to piece together a picture of a time of tremendous violence and turmoil, with a few powerful and technologically-advanced city-states contending with vast untamed regions teeming with barbarians and deadly flora and fauna.

Within the almost-vanished ruins of these cities – at least, the handful that have been found – archaeologists have discovered the rusted husks of batteries and gearboxes, of lenses crafted to a fineness barely possible today, and the carbon scoring of energy weapons. Records have been unearthed singing the praises of mighty-thewed warlords and beast-riding barbarian chieftains who carved out empires for themselves with sword and laser pistol. From marketplaces and agoras have been recovered coins made from unknown alloys and the fossilized skeletons of monstrous creatures with no Earthly analogues past or present.

And what hasn’t been found is almost as interesting: no evidence of fossil fuel extraction, no evidence of strip mining, no odd concentrations of radioactivity or high-pH chemicals, no rusted hulks of factories, no flat-planed roads – none of the telltales of widespread industrial civilization.

All that is left are questions. Who were the civilizations of Atlanton? How did they advance so quickly and not leave behind a world-wide industrial base? What commerce did they conduct with beings from other worlds? What brought about their swift and unexpected end? And…could whatever happened to them happen again?


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