Adam Arcane


Power Points: 152
STR 10
DEX 12
CON 16
INT 22
WIS 30
CHA 12

Toughness: 13/3 (10 from Force Field)
Fortitude: 8
Reflex: 8
Will: 10

Attack: +10
Defense: +7
Initiative: +1
Starting Hero Points: 3

Computers +1, Craft (Artistic) +10, Disable Device +9, Investigate +5, Knowledge (Arcane Lore) +10, Search +5

Luck (2): +2 hero point
Artificer: Can create temporary magical talismans
Ritualist: Can formulate and cast arcane rituals
Eidetic Memory: +4 to remember things, counts as trained for all Knowledge checks
Attractive: +4 to Bluff and Diplomacy vs. interested parties
Precise Shot: No penalty for shooting into melee
Leadership: Can spend a hero point to remove a dazed, fascinated, fatigued, panicked, shaken, or stunned condition from an ally

Magic (Array) Rank 12
Affects Insubstantial, Dimensional

Mystic Fire (Hellfire Control) (Array) Rank 12
Has descriptors Mystic, Blue

Blade of Mystic Flame (Strike) Rank 10
Penetrating, Split Attack (4) (one attack roll; divide power rank among targets)

Blast Rank 10
Knockback +4

Spirit Blast Rank 8
Attacks Will

Create Object Rank 10
Innate, Precise, Selective, Stationary, Movable, Feedback
Created objects have 10 Toughness, cannot be Nullified, can be made incorporeal to selected creatures or attacks, will not fall if placed in midair, can be moved as a standard action, and can have fine details and/or moving parts. Power check vs. Reflex to cage a target. If a create object is damage, Adam Arcane must save vs. the same damage using the object’s Toughness or suffer nonlethal damage.

Pain (Nauseate) Rank 8
Attacks Fortitude (staged), Perception range
Failed save, 1st attack: Target is Sickened (-2 to attacks and checks)
Fail save by 5+, or 2nd attack: Target is Nauseated (Gets no standard action, only one move action)
Fail save by 10+, or 3rd attack: Target is helpless

Transform Rank 8
Turns humans into frogs, attacks Fortitude, ends if subject is immersed in water

Mystic Senses (Super Senses: ESP and Trace Teleport) Rank 7
ESP: vision and hearing, subtle 2 (undetectable), 200 miles
Trace Teleport: Make a Notice check DC 10 +1 per round that has passed, +1 per 10 feet between Adam and departure point. Success means Adam can teleport to the same destination. Cannot take 10 or 20.

Invisibility Rank 10
Selective, Passive, Affects Others (touch)
Undetectable by all visual, auditory, olfactory, and mental senses. For acute senses, “close range” is adjacent (5 feet). Attacking ends the invisibility.

Blink (Teleport) Rank 12
Affects others (touch), short range only, 1,200 feet

Teleport Rank 12
Accurate, full round action, self only, 20 million miles

Mystic Portal (Teleport) Rank 8
Accurate, full round action, requires medium (doorways), 2,000 miles

Mystic Barrier (Force Field) Rank 10


Real name: Adam Fontaine
Occupation: Mystic Vigilante
Identity: Public
Legal status: U.S. citizen
Former aliases: None
Place of birth: Portland, Oregon
Marital status: Single
Known relatives: Bitsy Fontaine, widowed mother
Group affiliation: Infinity Legion
Base of operations: Floating Fortress
First appearance: “No Good in Nogales”
History: Adam’s interest in the realm of mystical knowledge was sparked during a date with his paramour Danny Bond. The two had just agreed to move in together and were walking in the park making plans to that effect when they were set upon by what Adam initially thought was a gang … until he noticed the glowing runes on their foreheads. With no one answering his cries for help, Adam watched helplessly as the eerie mob grabbed Danny and hauled him into a glowing portal. “Do not try to follow. He is ours by birth and by destiny.” These were the only words uttered by the black-clad leader of the silent men, and Adam’s only clue to getting Danny back. Ever since, he has voraciously pored through every book of magic he can lay his hands on. He has learned a number of powerful spells, but has made very little progress in discovering the identity or location of Danny’s abductors.
Height: 5’ 10” Weight: 150 lb.
Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown
Strength level: Average human strength
Known superhuman powers: The ability to channel mystical energy for a variety of effects.
Abilities: Mystic Fire, Transformation, Invisibility, ESP, Teleportation, Personal Force Field
Limitations: Coulrophobia (the perfectly reasonable fear of clowns), obsession (find Danny!), occasional victim of prejudice
Weapons: Blade of mystic flame (conjured)

Adam Arcane

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