New Adventures of the Infinity Legion

Issue 7

GM: jacobkosh
Heroes: Blue Bolt, Doctor Atlas, Landslide
Villains: The Pangolin, Lancet
PPs: 1

A relatively calm summer day in the suburbs of Los Angeles is shattered by the senseless rampages of two super-villains: Lancet, the scalpel-throwing master assassin, has inexplicably started murdering his way down a Sun Valley street in broad daylight; meanwhile, just scant miles away, the hulking armored brute known as The Pangolin has made a half-hearted stab at robbing a bank and is now trudging down a freeway, hurling abandoned cars at the police helicopters and SWAT teams ineffectually pursuing him.

Neither villain’s behavior makes any sense, but casualties are mounting and there’s no time to waste! From the nerve center of the Floating Fortress, the master coordinator Scanner dispatches three Legionnaires to put an end to the madness: Landslide, alien master of lithokinetics, Blue Bolt, the senior speedster, and super-scientist Doctor Atlas.

On a busy suburban street, Blue Bolt confronts his old foe Lancet and saves the lives of dozens of innocent passersby by distracting the assassin, but even his prodigious speed isn’t sufficient to protect him from the storm of steel-tipped projectiles unleashed by the master marksman. Taking a scalpel in the shoulder, he retreats momentarily to join his comrades on the 210 freeway.

Unfortunately, Doctor Atlas and Landslide haven’t fared much better. Each of the Pangolin’s armor-powered fists strikes with colossal force and taxes the heroes’ defenses to their limit; one punch nearly takes Landslide’s head off, but the alien is able to conjure a rock wall to his defense with just a split-second to spare. Ultimately, it is Blue Bolt’s decades of experience that turn the tide, when he suggests that Doctor Atlas affix a Gravity Disc to the supervillain going up.

And just as the Blue Bolt had guessed, the none-too-bright Pangolin removes the disc half a mile above Los Angeles, returning to earth in a deafening collision that penetrates his defenses and buries him twenty feet beneath the 210. Sensing their opportunity, the heroes pour on their attacks, nullifying Pangolin’s powers with the Promethean Ray and using a nearby water main to short-circuit his armor. Until finally – impossibly – the juggernaut falls, smoke pouring from every opening.

But the Infinity Legion couldn’t rest, because Lancet was still on the loose. Lending Landslide a portion of his otherworldly speed, Blue Bolt and the rocky behemoth race to confront the assassin, with Doctor Atlas bringing up the rear on his remaining flight disc. The two heroes trade blows with Lancet, but are stalemated: the aged Blue Bolt lacks the physical strength to damage their foe, while Landslide is too slow to connect. Even the arrival of Doctor Atlas isn’t enough to definitively tip the odds – the contest continues, both sides whittling down the other, with victory seemingly distant…until, at last, Landslide seizes his moment! Anticipating Lancet’s next dodge, Landslide drives his powerful fist into a sweeping arc and lays the killer out with one thunderingly powerful punch.

As the Lictors swoop down in their powerful battle armor to take the criminals away, there seem to be more questions than answers. What would turn a calm, professional assassin into a mad dog? Why had Pangolin left his bags of ill-gotten gains unattended, a full quarter of a mile behind him on the freeway? Making one last sweep of the area, Blue Bolt found a clue: sickly green lipstick on the necks of both villains – the trademark of the villainess Lady Mesmera. The only problem is that Lady Mesmera has been dead for forty years – or has she? Another piece of the puzzle clicked into place when Scanner forwarded the heroes footage of a robbery at the New York Federal Reserve that had taken place during the melee in LA – footage that seemed to show a strange, black-clad beauty bending the clerks and guards of the facility to her will!

Has an old enemy returned? What is her ultimate aim? And if she decides to cause more havoc, can the Infinity Legion stop her?

But as our heroes ponder these questions, in a dusty corner of the Floating Fortress a strange beacon left over from the old Society of Power Men has begun sounding a fifty-year-old warning of planetary-level danger…



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