New Adventures of the Infinity Legion

Issue 11

GM: Jacobkosh
PCs: Winged Victory, Oathkeeper, Emi Surikabe
Villains: The HIVE
PPs awarded: 1

Answering a mysterious summons to New York City, three very different people gather at the memorial obelisk in the center of Atlas Plaza. Emi Surikabe, a Japanese girl studying at Columbia. Tim Olsen, a laconic photographer from New Mexico. Alice Fisby, an ordinary convenience-store clerk and college student from Idaho. They have nothing in common except this: they all have extraordinary, superhuman powers. And somebody knows it.

Each of them had received a letter containing a plane ticket and an offer to enlist in the Infinity Legion of Earth, the world’s greatest superhero team. Driven by public spirit, altruism or simple curiosity, each turned up at the appointed time and place, wondering who they were to meet. And at that moment, a striking, businesslike woman stepped forward and spoke to them.

She introduced herself as Tabitha Armitage, a representative of the Infinity Legion, and showed them through a secret door built into the side of the marble obelisk. A set of iron stairs led down several stories beneath the surface of the plaza and into a strange, decaying art-deco wonderland: the original headquarters of The Society of Power Men. This rusty, dusty, chrome-plated museum seemed an unlikely place for a superhero lair, but the three took it in stride, following the brisk, efficient Miss Armitage past a robot receptionist and into a sleek control room and a meeting with their new – superior? employer? – Michael Cheney.

A handsome businessman with a weirdly breezy manner, Cheney was in the process of selling the three newcomers on the idea of joining the Legion when an alarm sounded – it seemed a scheduled arms deal between two terrorist organizations (FOUNDRY and the HIVE) was taking place on the docks earlier than planned! Cheney muttered something about having Tabitha “cancel the check” as the team hustled to the exits for their trial by fire.

Tim Olsen, aka Winged Victory, took off for the crime scene by air while Emi “Amy” Surikabe and Alice Fisby, aka Oathkeeper, rode a pneumatic tube to the hideout’s secret dock where a sleek hoverboat waited. Boarding, and overcoming some initial reluctance, the two coeds were soon underway, gliding across the water in a state-of-the-art craft whose Infinity Legion logos were strangely…peeling, revealing the logo of a corporation called Hallbane, Inc.

Arriving at the docks, Winged Victory saw white-coated FOUNDRY science troopers emerging from a state-of-the-art VTOL craft and unpacking crates for inspection by their red-armored HIVE Swarmtrooper customers. Hovering in for a closer look, he was spotted and barely dodged an incoming Stinger missile!

Landing at a wharf some distance away, Amy and Oathkeeper found themselves gliding into a hornets’ nest. While the HIVE and FOUNDRY forces fought, each believing the other had betrayed them, a HIVE platoon hustled across the rusting dockyard in hot pursuit of their flying quarry, and encountered the two young women instead. The battle was joined!

Using her stealth to devastating advantage, Amy incapacitated a small detachment of troopers in one swift move – although apparently some of the Swarmtroopers were actually deadly Stag Beetle robots wielding heavy plasma cannons! Winged Victory crushed one of the robots with a hurled shipping container, and Oathkeeper’s holy warhammer dispatched more.

The trained terrorist agents were not entirely helpless, however, and a couple of well-aimed rifle shots nearly spelled the end of Oathkeeper’s budding superheroic career until Winged Victory interposed his invulnerable bulk. Oathkeeper got a chance to return the favor in short order, healing Winged Victory as he recovered from a staggering attack. Meanwhile, a robot trooper nearly got its manipulator claws on Amy, but found nothing but a straw dummy instead – a classic ninja trick.

Rallying, the new heroes pushed back against the terrorist forces, smashing the robots and causing the hapless human troopers to flee or surrender. A Stag Beetle bot’s suicide gambit – overloading its kinetic generator – was thwarted by Winged Victory’s quick thinking, as the hero hurled the machine safely out to sea.

The battle over, the heroes departed the scene as quickly as they had arrived, leaving many questions in their wake. But one question had been answered to Mike Cheney’s satisfaction: these kids were exactly what he needed. The next step in his plan was about to begin.



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