Why superheroes?

That was a discussion I saw the other day. “Why play a superhero RPG?”

Why superheroes? For me, it’s why anything else?

Because, as one person noted in the discussion, they can be about almost anything. Superheroes are what you get when you take regular genres – action, mystery, drama, romance, teen angst, fantasy, science fiction – throw them into a blender and crank it all up to 11.

Or, more accurately, to 11:59.

And yet it’s not just about borrowing the appeal of other genres. Superhero stories let you take normal conflicts and emotions and externalize them. And when characters triumph against their fears, their darker sides or their evil counterparts – we the readers or players are right there with them.

And sometimes people get tired of reading or playing stories where all the world, all morality, is painted in dully “realistic” shades of brown or gray. Players might be hungrier than you think for a chance to play something besides ruthlessly pragmatic treasure-hunters, or corrupt scheming vampires, or madmen doomed to be Cthulhu food. Maybe their souls need nourishing. Sometimes it feels good to help the world instead of helping yourself.

But, you know, all that aside, superhero stories make for some awesome fight scenes.

I don’t know. It might not be your thing. But then again, you might be surprised. Why not give it a try?

Why superheroes?

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