The State

A former soldier and intelligence operative, The State has joined the Legion publicly to take on evil.


Power LeveL: 10
Power Points: 150
Max Attack: 10
Max Defense: 10
Max Save DC: 10
Max Toughness: 10

Str 14 (2)
Dex 14 (
Con 14 (2)
Int 16 (
Wis 18 (4)
Cha 14 (

Attack 0 (Melee +0, Ranged +0)
Defense +0 (
10 with Deflect)
Initiative 2

Fort 5
Ref +6
Will +7
Toughness +2 (
5 with Armored Jumpsuit)

Acrobatics 2 (4)
Bluff 5 (7)
Climb (2)
Computers 10 (13)
Concentration 5 (7)
Diplomacy 5 (7)
Disable Device 5 (8)
Disguise 5 (7)
Drive 5 (7)
Escape Artist (2)
Gather Information 5 (7)
Handle Animal (4)
Intimidate 5 (7)
Investigate 5 (7)
Knowledge (Current Events) 5 (8)
Knowledge (physical sciences) 5 (8)
Knowledge (streetwise) 5 (8)
Knowledge (Tactics) 5 (8)
Language (5)
Medicine 5 (9)
Notice 5 (9)
Pilot 5 (7)
Search 5 (8)
Sense Motive 5 (9)
Sleight of Hand 5 (7)
Stealth 5 (7)
Survival 5 (9)
Swim (2)

English, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Mandarin, German

Benefit (Security Clearance)
Benefit 3 (Wealth)
Equipment 7
Evasion 2
Improvised Tools
Luck 10
Master Plan
Move-By Action
Ultimate Effort (Reflex Saves)
Uncanny Dodge (Auditory)

POWER Probability Control 10
ALT POWER Improbable Attack 10 (Perception Range Penetrating Damage)
ALT POWER Perfect Dodge 10 (Deflect, all attacks, free action)
ALT POWER Synchronicity 10 ((Perception Range Move Object)
ALT POWER Luck Control 10 (Area, Selective, Flaw: Saving Throw)
ALT POWER Environmental Control 10 (Selective, Independant, Environments:
Cold 2, Distraction, Hamper Movement 2, Heat 2, Light 2, Visibility)

Base Move: 30 ft/60 ft/120 ft
Leaping: 15 ft/10 ft/5 ft

Light: 58 lb, Med: 116 lb, Heavy: 175 lb
Max: 350 lb, Push: 875 lb

Combat Gear (array):
Frag Grenades
Cutting Torch
Smoke Bombs
Flash-Bang Grenades
Combat Batons
Combat Knives
Light Pistol (Laser Sight, Stun Ammo, Suppressor)
Silence Grenades

Other Equipment: Armored Jumpsuit, Multi-Tool, Commlink, Mini-tracer,

Grapple Gun, Handcuffs, Gas Mask, Nightvision Goggles

Abilitis 30 + Skills 30 (120 ranks) + Feats 35 + Powers 45 + Combat 0 +

Saves 10 = 150 Points


Real name: Joseph State

Occupation: Retired US Army officer, former ISA operator

Identity: The State

Legal status: US citizen, no criminal record

Former aliases: Josef Traugott, Yigal Mordecai, Asif Rassid

Place of birth: Campbell Barracks, Heidelberg, Germany

Marital status: Single

Known relatives: No immediate living relatives

Group affiliation: Infinity Legion of Earth

Arch-enemies: None living

Base of operations: The Floating Fortress

First appearance: The State #1

Born on a US Army base in Heidelberg, Germany, Joseph State was raised in a military family and culture. He spent most of his childhood and teenage years living in Germany with his parents (who were stationed at Campbell Barracks), only occasionally traveling to the United States to visit his parents’ families.
Tragedy struck Joseph’s family in 1979 when an East German agent detonated a bomb at a public fair in Heidelberg, killing a large amount of US soldiers and German citizens. Joseph was present at the blast, as was his parents and siblings and girlfriend, and only Joseph survived.
He wasn’t aware of it at the time, but Joseph is a mutant, and the traumatic explosion awakened his latent mutant abilities. Manipulating probability and possibility unconsciously, Joseph was completely shielded from the blast by a contrived series of intervening objects.
Joseph was then taken in by his aunt and uncle in the United States. Furious and traumatized by the death of his immediate family, and thrust into a “homeland” he barely knew, Joseph had a great deal of psychological and social difficulties in his teenage years, yet he managed to succeed athletically and academically despite seemingly little effort or interest.
Army intelligence officers had kept an eye on Joseph, however. They had secretly suspected he had some kind of super-human ability that protected him from harm on the day his family died, and they monitored his progress.
When Joseph turned 18, he was visited by an Army officer who wanted to recruit him into the Intelligence Support Activity. Hesitant at first, Joseph eventually joined the Army and was fast-tracked into the ISA, where he was trained as part of Task Force Steranko, a “black op” of US soldiers with superhuman abilities engaging in clandestine missions and acquired his code-name: “The State”.
For the next 20 years, the State worked for the ISA, doing a variety of epsionage, assassination, and “black-bag” work for the US government. During the Vengeance Wars, he was on the “shadow front line”, hunting down Oberst’s agents and allies and eliminating them before they would get a chance to do further damage.
The State retired from the Army in 2004, uncomfortably entering civilian life and but wanting nothing more of his former work. For the past few years he has lived comfortably from his pension and periodic gambling winnings.
Recently, Joseph was contacted by members of the Infinity Legion, hoping that the veteran soldier could offer guidance and leadership to its newest and most nascent recruits. While he always disdained mainstream super-heroes and their “cape and mask bullshit”, he nonetheless accepted, donning a costume and resuming his identity as the State.

Height: 6’2" Weight: 215 lb.

Eyes: Blue Hair: Black with touches of grey

Strength level: The State has normal human strength, although he is in remarkable physical shape for a man in his mid-40’s

Known superhuman powers: The State has a potent mutant power roughly identified as “probability control”, a quantum manipulation of causality that can allow him to engage in improbable actions and creating misfortune for his enemies.
It’s not exactly clear how the State does these things or causes them to happen, but they do. If he runs through a crowd, everyone will always be out of his way. The light is always green. An elevator is always waiting.
For Joseph State, all things succeed, things are exactly as they need to be, and they always go poorly for anyone in his way.

Abilities: Outside of his superhuman ability, the State is also a highly trained covert operative and soldier, and an expert on computer hacking and cryptography.

Limitations: Despite the seemingly omnipotent nature of his powers, the State is just a man. He has no superhuman endurance, strength, speed, or intellect. A single gunshot wound to the head could easily kill him… if the gun didn’t always miss, Or jam, Or somehow find itself empty.

Weapons: The State carries a dizzying array of gadgets, weaponry, and spy gear. While other super-heroes can shoot fire or summon magical swords, the State can only shoot, stab, bludgeon, and detonate people with the conventional weaponry at his disposal. Or, if his enemy happens to be hit by a bus, or a bolt of lightning, or a toilet seat falling from the AEGIS space station striking with deadly force from the re-entry velocity…

The State

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