PL: 10 PPs: 150


STR 14 (2)

DEX 14 (

CON 12 (1)

INT 16 (

WIS 12 (1)

CHA 20 (


Attack: +5

Defense: +4

Toughness: +1

Fortitude: +6

Reflex: +8

Will: +7


Device 5: Lady Mesmera’s Accessories (easy to lose)

Paralytic Perfume: Paralyze 8 (area cloud, 1 alternate power)

Hairpin Knives: Strike 9 (penetrating, mighty)


Mind Control 10 (conscious [subjects can use skills or relate knowledge], subtle, flaw: olfactory, flaw: only affects people interested in women, alternate power)

Alternate 1: Emotion Control 10 (insidious, flaw: love only, flaw: olfactory)

Poison Kiss

Drain Will 10 (insidious, flaw: limited [kiss only: victim must be willing, pinned, or helpless], 2 alternate powers)

Drain Constitution 10 (insidious, flaw: limited [kiss only: victim must be willing, pinned, or helpless])

Drain Reflex 10 ((insidious, flaw: limited [kiss only: victim must be willing, pinned, or helpless])

“Protect your mistress!”

Summon Minions 2 (fanatical, horde, sacrifice, mental link, progression 3: 10 minions, flaw: limited [only usable in crowds])


Bluff +15 (10 ranks), Diplomacy +15 (10 ranks), Disguise +6 (1 ranks), Notice +5 (4
ranks), Sense Motive +11 (10 ranks), Profession: Dancer +2 (1 ranks)


Attack Focus (melee) 5, Attack Specialization (grapple), Attractive, Distract (Bluff), Dodge Focus 10, Defensive Roll (toughness) 5, Fascinate (Bluff), Grappling Finesse, Improved Grab, Improved Pin, Taunt


As per the Thug entry, page 229.


Real name: River Winterborne

Occupation: college student, fetish model, criminal

Identity: Spiderella’s identity is not known to the general public.

Legal status: citizen of the United States with a criminal record.

Former aliases: none

Place of birth: Waukesha, WI

Marital status: single

Known relatives: maternal grandmother, Lady Mesmera, deceased; matnernal grandfather, The Diskman (Golden Age); mother, Violet Winterborne (nee Ferguson), deceased; father, William Winterborne II

Group affiliation: none

Arch-enemies: Diskman II

Base of operations: remains of The Kitty Kat Klub

First appearance: ILE: Infinity Legion of Earth #244

History: River Winterborne grew up an ordinary if slightly awkward child in a sleepy suburb of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the child of a fashion model and a wealthy corporate lawyer. Always close to her mysterious, slightly distant mother, ten-year-old River was devastated when her mother died of uterine cancer. Never close to her overworked father, River sought solace in the burgeoning goth subculture that had finally arrived in Wisconsin, dressing in dark clothes and sporting a deathlike pallor.

Turning thirteen brought River a new set of problems. Puberty seemed to hit her harder than it had the other girls; within a month of her birthday, she increasingly began finding herself the unwilling recipient of unwanted male and female attention. Men her father’s age (or worse) would obtrusively follow her down the aisle of the grocery store, high school seniors kept offering her rides home, and even some of her teachers suddenly found themselves having a hard time raising their eyes above her neckline no matter how many of her dad’s sweatshirts she wore.

Uncomfortable and feeling increasingly antisocial, she found refuge in going through her mother’s old things; diaries, love letters from her mother’s many suitors (it seems she had had the same problem!)…and an adoption certificate. Her mother’s parents hadn’t been her parents! The mystery fascinated her.

Meanwhile, though, she found herself getting used to the attention she was getting everywhere, and even beginning to thrive on it. While her friends were babysitting for thirty dollars a night, River was getting paid hundreds to do risque photo shoots in the basements of Chicago’s most exclusive fetish clubs. She was far too young to be there, but…people just seemed to have a hard time saying no to her!

It was in one of those club basements, a place that had been a notorious speakeasy during the days of Capone, that the two threads of River Winterborne’s existence suddenly, explosively collided, as by purest chance she caught sight of a faded photo on a basement wall that bore an uncanny resemblance to River – but had been taken sixty years ago! The club owner was only too happy to tell River the story of how the club had once been a hideout of the notorious Golden Age supervillainess Lady Mesmera, who had used special cosmetics and drugs to control men’s minds.

Thunderstruck, River suddenly realized who her real grandmother must have been – and at the same instant, realized that her luck with men must be far more than ordinary luck. Tearing through her mother’s diaries with a newfound sense of purpose, she realized that her mother Violet must have learned the same thing, and had even found out who her father was – the symbol of American freedom himself, Lady Mesmera’s arch-nemesis and secret lover, The Diskman.

For the first time in her life River Winterborne felt a real sense of purpose. She identified powerfully with the grandmother she had never known and vowed to take revenge on the so-called “hero” who had callously abandoned his own child. She could do it. She had the power. All she needed was a change of clothes…

Height: 5’7" Weight: 135 lb.

Eyes: green Hair: black

Strength level: River Winterborne possesses the normal human strength of a woman of her age and build who engages in moderate regular exercise.

Known superhuman powers: The strange genetic damage River Winterborne inherited from her maternal grandmother appears to have imbued her with natural abilities similar to those possessed by her grandmother’s cosmetics, albeit in a more potent form. Her body can exude pheromones that powerfully affect the reactions of anybody nearby, and she can exert even greater control on those inclined to be attracted to her. She prefers to use this ability to cultivate powerful allies over a long period of time, totally dominating them, but in a stressful situation can turn an entire crowd into her thralls, although in such a case the spell is easily broken.

Abilities: Since discovering her heritage, and assuming the identity of Spiderella, River has undertaken a methodical study of the martial arts and can now hold her own reasonably well in combat, especially when armed.

Limitations: none

Weapons: As Spiderella, River Winterborne has employed many of the weapons favored by her grandmother, including sharp knives disguised as hairpins or chopsticks, a bottle of a fast-acting nerve agent disguised as perfume, and a tube of special hallucinogenic lipstick.


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