Li Fei Bao

A Jiang Shi Sorcerer



STR 8 (-1)

DEX 11 (+0)

CON – (-)

INT 15 (+2)

WIS 24 (+7)

CHA 14 (+2)

Attack +10

Defense +10

Toughness +0

Fortitude +0

Reflex +6

Will +15


Power 30: Jiang Shi Immunity
Immunity 30 (Fortitude effects)

Power 1: Dark Sustenance
Drain Constitution 1

Power 18: Yamikei
Blast 18 (alternate power)
Alternate Power 1: Insubstantial 4 (Incorporeal)

Power 5: Regeneration
Regeneration 5
Alternate 1: Resurrection (Not when Taoist talisman is placed upon forehead)

Skills: Acrobatics 0, Bluff 2, Climb -1, Computers 2, Concentration 15, Craft 2, Diplomacy 2, Disable Device 2, Disguise 6, Drive 0, Escape Artist 0, Gamble 7, Gather Info 2, Handle Animal 2, Intimidate 11, Investigate 2, Knowledge (Arcane Lore) 17, Knowledge (History) 14, Knowledge (Theology/Philosophy) 14, Language 2 (Cantonese, Mandarin, English), Medicine 7, Navigate 2, Notice 7, Perform 2, Pilot 0, Profession 9, Ride 0, Search 2, Sense Motive 7, Slight of Hand 0, Stealth 0, Survival 7, Swim -1.

Feats: Eidetic Memory, Ritualist, Fearsome Presence, Fearless.
PL: 10 PPs: 150


Real name: Li Fei Bao

Occupation: Owner and operator of the Dragon of the Hanging Pool

Identity: publicly known

Legal status: Naturalized Asian-American citizen of the United States with no criminal record.

Former aliases: Mr. Li

Place of birth: Ma Wan, Hong Kong, PRC (Year of Birth: 331 BCE, Year of Death: 279 BCE)

Marital status: single

Known relatives: None

Group affiliation:

Arch-enemies: Ch’i Lung Wong

Base of operations: Dragon of the Hanging Pool (Chinese curio store in Chinatown, San Francisco)

First appearance: Detective #6 (“The Mystery of the Dragon’s Bride”)

History: Li Fei Bao’s wisdom and insight into all things mystical and natural stems from his own existence of being a Jiang Shi (a “Chinese vampire/Hopping vampire”). Originally dying in 279 BCE, in the area that would later be known as Hong Kong, Li Fei Bao became a Jiang Shi when he tested out an alchemical potion he was creating in order to cure his ailing wife of a terminal fever. His obsession to cure his dying wife caused him to become a Jiang Shi, but due to his honourable and pious intentions, the Celestial Courts allowed him to retain the essence of his soul (rather than becoming a mindless zombie). However, as a Jiang Shi, Li Fei Bao is dependent upon the nourishment of blood and must feed in order to sustain himself. In 1852, Li Fei Bao immigrated to San Francisco and was one of the founding members to erect Chinatown. In addition to his dependence on blood, Mr. Li is subject to fits of turning incorporeal, often announcing itself in the form of pangs of discomfort. When Mr. Li becomes incorporeal, his appearance shifts to his appearance from his former life (Mandarin dress). Mr. Li’s main weakness is if a particular Taoist talisman is placed upon his forehead. If this occurs, he becomes completely inert (as this is the only way to placate a Jiang Shi).

Mr. Li often presents himself in a whimsical, capricious manner. He radiates wisdom and insight into nearly everything that is Chinatown, SF. At times he can act a bit cantankerous, often when he is in the middle of study or fascination, although it is never a lasting attitude. Mr. Li is an honourable man and believes whole-heartedly in the principles of Taoism (and Buddhism) that the universe acts according to the laws of the Celestial Court. Many see Mr. Li as the principle authority on all things spiritual/supernatural within Chinatown (as he has rarely ventured outside the district).

A man of short and demure stature, Li Fei Bao appears to be in his mid-fifties. He carries an aura of wisdom and mystic, known throughout Chinatown as a man of significant status. He can typically be seen dressed in a dark suit with tie, often with a worn fedora perched upon his greying hair. Li Fei Bao wears antique, circular wire-framed glasses and sports a scraggly, wispy facial hair (also greying). Mr. Li often walks with a walking cane.

Height: 5’6” Weight: 160 lbs.

Eyes: Black Hair: Black, Greying

Strength level: Li Fei Bao is not physically strong, rather he is relatively weaker than the average man. He keeps in good health and condition as an avid practitioner of Tai Chi and alchemy.

Known superhuman powers: Jiang Shi Immunity, Dark Sustenance, Chinese Black Magic.

Abilities: See History

Limitations: Li Fei Bao often suffers becoming incorporeal, randomly, usually preluded by pangs of discomfort. When he becomes incorporeal, his image shifts back to how he appeared when he became a Jiang Shi. As a Jiang Shi, he has a dependence on blood, which he manages due to his connections within the Chinatown district. Lastly, he is deathly weak against Taoist religious talismans against the undead if they are pinned against his forehead.

Weapons: The ability to wield the ancient, chaotic forces of the celestial universe.

Li Fei Bao

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