Doctor Atlas


STR 22 (+6)
DEX 16 (+3)
CON 16 (+3)
INT 22 (+6)
WIS 16 (+3)
CHA 16 (+3)
Attack +8
Defense +8
Toughness +3
Fortitude +6
Reflex +6
Will +6

Device 5: Promethean Ray (easy to lose, restricted)
Blast 10 (accurate, precise, 3 alternate powers)
Alternate 1: Stun 7, area cone, selective
Alternate 2: Dazzle 7 (blinding), area cone, selective
Alternate 3: Nullify 7 (attack powers), duration concentration

Device 2: Gravity Discs (easy to lose)
Gravity Control 9 (alternate power, flaw: range touch)
Alternate 1: Fly 4 (alternate power)
Alternate 2: Enhanced Strength 8

Device 2: Vita-Harness (hard to lose)
Force Field 9 (alternate power)
Alternate Power 1: Immunity 9 (life support)

Device 2: Scanalyzer (easy to lose)
Super-senses 9 (X-ray vision (can’t penetrate lead), tracking, microscopic vision 3, radio, one alternate power)
Alternate 1: Comprehend Languages 4 (universal translator, 1 alternate power)
Alternate 2: Boost Notice 4 (flaw: personal, slow fade x4), Boost Medicine 4 (flaw: personal, slow fade 4)

Skills: Climb 4 ranks, Computers 5 ranks, Concentration 5 ranks, Craft (chemical) 8 ranks, Craft (electrical) 8 ranks, Craft (mechanical) 8 ranks, Diplomacy 1 rank, Disable Device 7 ranks, Drive 3 ranks, Investigate 3 ranks, Knowledge (physical science) 6 ranks, Knowledge (life science) 6 ranks, Knowledge (earth science) 4 ranks, Notice 4 ranks, Pilot 4 ranks, Survival 4 ranks, Swim 5 ranks

Feats: Attractive, Connected, Improvised Tools, Inventor, Jack of All Trades, Eidetic Memory, Skill Mastery (craft chemical, craft electrical, craft mechanical, disable device)
PL: 10 PPs: 157


Real name: Abraham Atlas III
Occupation: super-scientist
Identity: publicly known
Legal status: citizen of the United States with no criminal record.
Former aliases: Abraham Dent
Place of birth: Citadel of Solace (birth certificate legally registered in Juneau, AK)
Marital status: single
Known relatives: biological father, Abraham Atlas II (deceased), foster parents Kenneth and Norma Dent
Group affiliation: Infinity Legion of Earth
Arch-enemies: Adam Nova
Base of operations: Citadel of Solace, The Floating Fortress
First appearance: (as Abraham Dent) Infinity Legion of Earth #89, (as Doctor Atlas) Infinity Legion of Earth #100
History: Abraham Dent was a happy, bright and good-looking boy living an idyllic childhood in the suburbs of Spokane, Washington. Though his parents, Kenneth and Norma Dent, were intelligent and sharp but physically unprepossessing people, it became clear over time that their son Abraham had won the genetic lottery – he grew up tall and naturally muscular, and had unparalleled coordination and dexterity as well as a sensitive, probing intelligence. It was this same intelligence that refused to let him sit on his laurels but drove him restlessly through an accelerated program of schooling and a crushing schedule of extracurricular activities.

For their part, the Dents had also imbued him with a love of history, art and literature, as well as a passionate devotion to ethical behavior and fair play. After graduating at age sixteen as valedictorian, Abraham Dent had his pick of the most prestigious law schools in the country, where he planned to enter the world of politics and fight for human rights and social justice.

But then his life took a strange turn. On the night of his sixteenth birthday, a sleek limousine pulled up outside of McKinley High School and a booming voice called him by name: “Haven’t you ever wondered if you were meant for something more…Abraham the third?

Intrigued, he stepped inside the limo – and his world was changed forever. The enormous, exotic man in the back was Brahmin, personal assistant and companion to the late Doctor Atlas. Before Abraham’s wondering stare, Brahmin unfolded an incredible story.

Having lived through the death or disappearance of most of his best friends and colleagues, the Golden Age Doctor Atlas had grown increasingly withdrawn from the world and the management of his various scientific and medical concerns, claiming that he had begun work on “the ultimate experiment.”

It was never made clear, even to his close companion Brahmin, what that experiment was to be, because in the late 1970s he was discovered to have disappeared without a trace, leaving behind nothing in his Citadel of Solace but a strange high-tech artificial womb containing a gestating human fetus that was nearly ready for “birth.” After its successful removal from the pod, the male baby was thoroughly and rigorously examined by the Society of Power Men, who determined it to possess fifty percent of Abraham Atlas, Jr.’s chromosomes – the baby was his son.

Unsure what to do with their lost friend’s legacy, the Society finally voted to give the infant the ordinary childhood it might otherwise have been denied, and fostered it with a grateful childless couple in Washington.

Brahmin said that he disagreed with their decision, and that the world needed the inventive genius of Doctor Atlas again, before his beloved friend’s legacy was erased forever, as many of Atlas’s assets and greatest inventions had been clandestinely purchased, and buried, by the Nova Foundation. He offered Abraham Dent the chance to reclaim his father’s legacy and begin a new life as the science hero of the 21st century – a chance Abraham leapt at, but not without regrets. Bidding tearful farewell to the couple who had loved him as their own for fifteen years, he accompanied Brahmin into the wastes of northern Alaska to the ruins of Doctor Atlas’s Citadel of Solace, there to undertake the ultimate five-year regimen of diet, exercise and instruction to become something slightly more than human. And indeed, five years later, the distinctive high-pitched whine of Gravity Discs and the piercing hum of the Promethean Ray announced to the world that Doctor Atlas had returned.
Height: 6’4” Weight: 240 lbs.
Eyes: Hazel Hair: Black
Strength level: Doctor Atlas possesses the physical strength of an ideal human male of his age and build who engages in intensive regular exercise. In addition, his Gravity Discs in their passive mode have been customized to increase his lifting and hitting power, granting him the equivalent of moderate superhuman strength.
Known superhuman powers: none
Abilities: Since discovering his heritage as the son of Doctor Atlas, Abraham Atlas has religiously followed his father’s prescribed methods for diet, exercise, memory training and meditation, which have been supplemented by the advantages programmed into his genetics. As such he has cultivated a vast command of most modern science and engineering disciplines, a perfect memory for facts and figures, and near-Olympian hand-eye coordination and general physical prowess, all of which are supplemented by devices he has recovered or invented.
Limitations: Doctor Atlas is still a human being and is subject to normal needs for food and sleep, although he can delay these needs through an exercise of will.
Weapons: the Promethean Ray, an atomic-powered laser weapon that uses a series of customizable lens arrays to achieve a variety of effects, from powerful, destructive blasts to precise spot-welding to the stunning and disorientation of enemies.

Doctor Atlas

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