Blue Bolt

Semi-retired speedster from the Golden Age.


Real name: Dirk Turbine
Occupation: retired, owns an auto shop
Identity: publicly known
Legal status: Citizen of the United States
Former aliases: formerly “The World’s Fastest Man”
Place of birth: Indianapolis, IN
Marital status: widower
Known relatives: nephew Tyler Turbine, aka Quantum Bolt; two children, three grandchildren, two great-grandchildren (identities classified)
Group affiliation: The Society of Power Men, Infinity Legion of Earth
Base of operations: Floating Fortress, auto shop near the Salton Sea in California
First appearance: World of Action #10
History: All his early life, Dirk Turbine dreamed about speed. Growing up in Indianapolis and witnessing the beginning of racing, he vowed to become like the record-breaking stars that he saw every weekend on the track. Life, however, had other plans. While apprenticing at an auto mechanic’s in the early 1930s, Dirk read a headline about the civil war in Spain and the treachery of the fascist forces. Something stirred his idealism and he volunteered to join the legions of foreigners rushing to the defense of democracy in Spain.

His childhood idealism was quickly burned away in the fires of war and the grim dust of privation and hardship. During a battle in Catalonia his small unit was cut off from relief with several wounded men. Dirk knew they would die without antibiotics, but the medical bivouac was over 200km away. Over the protests of his men, Dirk resolved to retrieve the supplies on foot and set off at a brisk jog across a nighttime war zone in a thunderstorm.

A few hours later, collapsing under the strain of his effort, Dirk was seized by a vision of a roadside temple in a classical Greek style. Crawling into the hallucinatory temple on hands and knees, he found himself inadvertently genuflecting before what appeared to be a real-life, eight-foot-tall incarnation of the god Hermes.

I have been waiting for you a long time, Dirk Turbine,” the being said. “A battle of the ages approaches, and like the nameless runner from Marathon you must bring warning to your world. Take up my torch and the cause of justice.” Hermes handed Dirk his torch and taught him the invocation “By the powers of Olympus, grant me the speed of a blue bolt of lightning!”

Dirk awoke the next morning in his base camp, medical supplies surrounding him and his men cheering his name. He barely remembered the events of the previous evening and imagined them to be a dream…until he found Hermes’ torch hanging from his belt.
Height: 5’8” Weight: 158 lbs.
Eyes: Blue Hair: White
Strength level: Dirk Turbine possesses normal human strength for a man of his age and build who engages in moderate regular exercise.
Known superhuman powers: Blue Bolt possesses superhuman speed and reflexes while holding the Torch of Hermes; he can run at a top land speed of 25,000 MPH, vibrate his molecules at super-speed through solid objects, and run fast enough to travel up sheer walls and across water. To handle such speed, his advanced nervous system has compensated with vastly accelerated reaction times, while his body has slowed its metabolic processes; he ages more slowly than a normal human and would currently be 114 years old.
Abilities: Years of super-villain bombs and traps have given Dirk Turbine a lifetime of experience with disabling ticking devices and getting out of tight situations.
Limitations: Blue Bolt’s active powers are tied to his holding the Torch of Hermes; if he is ever separated from it, his abilities fade rapidly.
Weapons: Blue Bolt carries no weapons as such but has been known to use the Torch of Hermes defensively. When surrounded by enemies he has often employed everyday objects such as pins or paperclips accelerated at high speed.

Blue Bolt

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